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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   November 20, 2009  /   Comments

THE CITY SHOULD REPEAL Lajuana Woods’ business license until all the money she took from ADICA is repaid. So, what’s up with the repayment plan she worked out?

FOOD AT L’JUA’S IS great – and GREAT service. The servers are very nice, very fast to serve, always smiling. I think L’Jaua’s will be around for a long time.

I REFUSE TO GIVE any support to unethical public officials. Ms. Woods abused her position and took advantage of taxpayers. I don’t care how good the restaurant is, it’s a matter of principle. But we all know that is something lacking in this town.

WHY HASN’T LAJUANA WOODS been before a grand jury? Greg Edwards should have everything needed. I won’t waste my money going to her business. Why should Ms. Woods enjoy making money after what she did?

I’VE OFTEN WONDERED IF Albany’s leaders aren’t a pre-existing gang of carpetbaggers who found our city government an easy mark. The same “headhunting firm” referred Lott and Buie. How else could so much corruption just appear since Lott came on board?

LAJUANA WOODS IS TRYING to give back. She opened where people needed something. White’s Seafood has been there a long time and is doing good, so why can’t she? Y’all shut her down and them 50 people lose, lose. What? A JOB.

HEY, CAN I HAVE an interest free loan for $50,000 from ADICA? She knew what she was doing when she took the money and charges should be brought against her, just like Washington. Just because she got caught and offered to pay the money back doesn’t absolve her from her actions. She should be required to pay interest at the legal rate on the money she’s paying back because ADICA is losing money every day that the money she owes is outstanding. But, hey, in Albany if you are a crook, you are protected.

THE CITY IS THE only place that would loan any money for a business in that area.

AND YOU KNOW WHEN she goes out of business, she won’t be paying any money back to ADICA – how convenient.

DO YOU REALLY EXPECT anything different? This is Albany.

THE DECISION NOT TO extend the interstate highway system to Albany is confirmation that the Southwest Georgia economy will continue suffering indefinitely.

WE HAD THIS CHANCE for an interstate decades ago and wanted to keep Albany “home town”. Well, this is the inheritance you leave children when leaders think small.

THE REPORT ON EXTENDING the interstate through Albany had errors. I asked several questions about the report that they could not answer. Such as how would minorities and the poor be adversely affected? The report also stated that people would travel further to get to the new interstate. How is that possible?

I LOVE READING ‘WHATCHA-Say?’ Reminds me of the diversity within us all. Co-exist.

OH, MY GOODNESS. BACONTON? That’s just down the road from my hometown of Camilla. Don’t small towns always engage in shenanigans?

REP. SANFORD BISHOP IS trying to claim his vote was decided by what Jesus would do. Therefore, how can it be questioned by us? Well, let’s just dismantle the entire country to spread the wealth–and associated grief–and just say “this is what Jesus would do”. I am sure in Bishop’s mind Jesus would also support Stimulus, TARP, Cap & Trade, Clunkers, ACORN, et al. What a great big “crock”. After all, in his mind Jesus wants him in the House. Thus, he thinks he can spend a few more years merely pondering his version of “WWJD” and voting accordingly. Well, let him ponder “back on the farm” or wherever he came from. And, “let him eat cake”–on someone else’s’ dime for a change. Uh, Sanford. Make sure you clip the Chic-fil-A coupons in Sunday’s paper and buy Publix’s BOGOs–no use in spreading too much wealth once it is “your money” being spent!

I DON’T KNOW WHAT the City would do with lottery winnings but I do think “buying” a seat on any board is a little suspect. Having it come from WG&L may make some folks think it isn’t taxpayer money, but it is. Second, if the EDC board thought WG&L should have a seat why not just make one available. With the city manager already a board member, adding a seat for WG&L effectively gives the mayor two votes on the EDC, doesn’t it. I would like to see a lot more private-sector participation on the EDC and a diminished role for government.

THE CITY, AND NOW these subdivisions, have become so bureaucratized. Some of the staff and pols want to run all aspects of the city and related projects and seemingly squeeze out or contain the private sector or use them as they see fit. Maybe, in the end, the city can do a good job in some areas, but is there any room left for new private sector leaders to step in? I find the mayor’s proposal to buy a seat on the EDC very odd. It struck me as a knee-jerk response to some of the negative press he was getting about economic development. Has he explained his reasoning? Is this like endowing a university chair? Does the EDC really need more taxpayer money? For what ends? What to do?

THE NEW 311 PHONE service has to be near the top of any questionable list.

SOME WHO WORK FOR the city are indicating that the 311 has actually freed up various office staff to actually do the job they were hired to do rather than answer phone calls from people to stupid or lazy to use a phone book, which is why it wasn’t mentioned. I’m not in favor of the system at all, but I’m reserving comment for the time being to see if this continues to be the case. If so, it could argued to actually increase efficiency among the various local government agencies. We’ll see what the verdict will be, though.

I CAN PROMISE YOU the 311 system will be hailed as an efficiency success (as judged by those who built it). But the point isn’t efficiency. We have shrinking revenues and we’re adding services that no one asked for much like the examples you mentioned. We’re running advertisements to promote use of the service I hope we’re getting the airtime free. Of course you can only call during business hours. “Need a pot hole fixed, call 311” … my foot.

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