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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   November 6, 2009  /   Comments

HAVERTY’S CLOSING IS ANOTHER nail in Albany’s coffin.

REGARDING THE MCGREGOR DEAL, try a better written contract next time and don’t go on verbal agreements.

I AM MARRIED TO one of the finest men in the world and he happens to be a police officer. I don’t know one person on that force (even the ones that have been convicted of crimes) that would deliberately shoot anyone. They are here to protect and serve. They do a job many people would not even consider doing for the money. Their spouses, children, and parents worry because of the senseless crimes committed in this city that they have to help with. So, before you go accusing a policeman, think about that he is someone’s son, husband, or daddy and what you are doing to them and their family. Shame on all of you for sticking a fork in someone and playing this a racial issue. Someone’s life has been lost and that police officer will have to live with that forever. Whatever the circumstances. He was defending himself in a thankless job. Almost always in these circumstances, the so called “witnesses” are well known by the police, also – so you figure that one out! I am personally tired of ALL APD officers being put in the same box. My husband is a good policeman, Now if you break the law, you probably know him because he does HIS JOB!

NO OFFICER ANYWHERE wants to use deadline force, but it happens. This officer now has to live with taking a life. Call it what it was: Stupidity on the part of the party that came out of the house with a weapon in hand. Stupid knows no color boundaries.

WE THE RIGGINS FAMILY don’t know what has happened but we do know we have to bury a loved one. This is very hard for us right now and it has nothing to do with race. This officer did what he thought was best to protect himself and the other people around him.

THANK GOD THERE ARE policemen willing to answer calls to all the lowlifes who don’t know how to act.

I’M NOT BLAMING THE officer. I’m just saying maybe he shouldn’t have shot to kill.

THE OFFICER PROTECTED HIMSELF and possibly others. This officer did what he had to do to make it home to his family. Better to be judge by 12 than carried out by six. Making this decision is never an easy one I’m sure but you put yourself in the line of fire, you would have made same choice, at least I’m sure you hope that you would have.

NOW IF ONE OF those shots she fired had killed a child across the street y’all would be bashing her. The officer did what he had to do; there are no race issues here

THIS CASE SEEMS TO have two very important questions. Questions that don’t have a real answer but makes you think before passing judgment on the officer or the victim. 1. Do any of the citizens in Albany believe that you have a public servant working for you that would walk up to a house and without cause, pull out a gun and then fire on that citizen multiple times until they are dead? 2. Why would a person exit the comfort of their home to surrender themselves if they had not committed an offense that would cause them to be arrested?

POLICE OFFICERS ARE ALSO trained to avoid killing someone, even if someone is shooting (which I believe that is just a cover-up for the mistake of the officer to keep him/her from being imprisoned). They are supposed to shoot the victim only if necessary, in a place that will make the victim vulnerable, but not kill the victim or suspect. That was my understanding. Regardless, we need to stand up and say something to let our city governors and the police force know that this is not acceptable!

THAT OFFICER WAS ONLY protecting himself. Those of you who have only bad things to say, you try responding to some of the calls police officers receive. Wouldn’t you protect yourself in the same situation? Of course you would. She was 48 and came out waving weapons. When are the people in Albany going to grow up?

THEIR JOB IS TO PROTECT and SERVE, that’s exactly what that cop was doing.

PEOPLE, WE ALL LIVE in this town together. You know, we don’t need a natural disaster to hit here for us to stand together and unite in this city. We need to be supportive of the ones who protect and serve us. If she had a gun pointing at the police, he did the right thing. If not, the GBI findings will tell. Then you put your blame, but not until then. Help this community to get back to post-Flood of ’94, when we were helping our neighbors, not killing them. Get your kids in the house or involved in activities that will get them off our streets. Help the police, not hate them. They have a job to do for us citizens who still love it here.

I LIVED OVER THERE on West Gordon for many years. I’m NOT surprised that the police had to use deadly force. That particular neighborhood is so drug-and gang-ridden it’s pathetic. No one cares over there. It’s a cesspool. You complain and complain and all the police tell you is to get together and form a Neighborhood Watch program. I’m sad to say that it’s impossible in that area because the people in the neighborhood ARE the problem. It’s all gang member and drugs over there.

IT LOOKS LIKE THE lady did have a gun and she fired shots at an individual other than the officer at the time she got shot. My understanding is that the officer actually saved an innocent person’s life with his actions.

MAYBE ALL COPS AREN’T bad, but we hear on the news all the time about the cops stealing, beating their wives, going to jail for child molestation, and for planting evidence. Just because they wear a co uniform doesn’t mean they are all honorable.

IF YOU DON’T LIKE cops then don’t call us when you need the law! We have a job to do and 90 percent of us do our jobs the right way! With the times as hard as they are now, we don’t make enough money to deal with all that we have to deal with. We don’t go to work wanting to shoot somebody, but if we have to, then we are trained to do so.

ALBANY KEEPS LOOKING DOWN on us police officers. Have you joined the ride-along program? You need to see all the different citizens we deal with. When we are called, it’s not because people are happy.

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  1. Maggie says:

    A life was lost and a police officer’s life has changed. I don’t beleive in my heart that this officer woke up and decided that he would go out and shoot and kill a female. He is hired to do a job and it is a risky one of that. I wouldn’t dare do it.
    If it is true that the victim came out as she did, the officer acted in self-defense. Also, I don’t beleive that he was shooting to kill anyone. The boyfriend I beleive called the police, because he was afraid. Apparently he believed that she would kill him. I don’t believe in taking another’s life. But, what were his choice, other than possibly getting killed himself.
    Police offiers put their lives on the line everyday. But, when it because a hostile situation the risk is greater. Alcohol and drugs cause one to act in a way that could result in danger to themselves or others. If the officer has been African American and killed her, what would the response be? If this same offier or an African American had shot a white women, what would the response be? We need to let the GBI do their job and keep race out of this terrible thing. Family has lost a love one, regardless of her lifestyle. An officer will live with the fact that he took a human life for the rest of his. Everything is not always black or white. Sometimes it is an shade of gray. My prayers are with both families.

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