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‘Robin Hood’ government may be Obama legacy

By   /   November 17, 2009  /   Comments

OK, I voted of Barack Obama, and if you didn’t know that you have not been reading my work the past year. However, that does not mean that I have agreed with everything Obama has done, no. However, the question needs to be asked, is Obama taking this country down the right road? In many cases he is not. The last six months are so, Americans have been dealing with the healthcare debate, yet is this debate covering up many more polices that may change our future?

I am not saying that Obama is not trying to right many of the wrongs that many poor Americans are facing. For that I am thankful, yet, America has created and is creating a generation of people that believe that they are owed something. That they can look to the government to bail them out of the problems they have. We seen to the going down the road that will make the generation coming after believe that it is ok to have a hand out rather than ever giving a hand up.

Obama has become the Robin Hood of politics, by taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Now, I am not rich, but something is wrong with that picture. Taking from one group of people does not help the other; it creates dependency, which leads to laziness. However, there are people in this country that need help, yes, but should we be giving them the world when they have only earned the clothes on their backs.

Higher taxes is not the answer; getting off your butt is. No manner of work is disrespectful if it is legal, but when you give people all they need to survive, they may never do anything else. The Bible says, “If you don’t work, you don’t eat.” The Bible also says that God told Adam that he will have to live by the sweat of his forehead, meaning that he will have to work now rather than live off the fat of the land for free. If the principals that this country was founded upon work for the God we believe in, then why in the world are we giving something for nothing.

I do not want to say that Obama is killing America; we have had many other presidents that have helped in that area. However, in some cases what he is doing is leading this country down the wrong path, which is something our forefathers did not desire this country to be. Giving the government too much power leads to a police state.

Now, you can say that I am wrong, but I feel that we should have healthcare for all. On the other hand, I believe that welfare should be dissolved. We should not have one and the other; it should be one or the other. Why would a nation of people buy the cow when the government is giving the milk away for free? And with Obama, we seem to be killing the cow and giving the meat away, as well.

Obama has been in office for just under a year, and he has done more in that time than any person in history. He has many more miles to go, but in the miles to come, how much more to the left will he take this country? How many more people will he pay from his Robin Hood antics? Yes, at the end of the day I still like Obama, and my desire is to vote for the man with the best vision for the future of this country. However, at the rate we are going, I don’t know how much country we have left? I desire to see change, but is this really “the change we can believe in”?

Written by Jimmie Fair.

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