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If the City bought a lottery ticket

By   /   November 19, 2009  /   Comments

I was wondering, what would the City of Albany do if they won the lottery? I mean, since so many are enamored with how they haven’t raised taxes despite not doing a blasted thing to try and cut spending, I thought it might be an interesting idea to see what the City would do with a winning lottery ticket. After all, they’re fiscally responsible, right?

The current Mega Millions jackpot is $17 million, so let’s use that as our basis. Since they’re a governmental body, they don’t pay income taxes, so they would actually get to keep the whole amount, where as you and I wouldn’t. Yeah, they suck. So what would the City of Albany do with $17 million?

Well, to start with, they might add some more security cameras to their surveillance arsenal. I mean, what’s privacy to lottery winners? Of course, we know that our privacy isn’t really threatened, because no one’s actually watching the blooming things, but that’s beside the point. We could have all kinds of cameras everywhere. Heck, we could even give London a run on number of cameras per capita! How about that!

Or maybe they could be a few more Super Segways! Yeah, then our officers could diddy bop around Albany…except that no one I know has really even seen one of these things on patrol. In fact, they weren’t bought for patrolling, just for special events or something, but why not have a few more? I mean, just because they don’t use the things doesn’t mean there’s a good excuse not to buy them, right?

But the really awesome thing is that with $17 million, the City Commission could buy a whole lot seats on the Economic Development Commission! I mean, with Water Gas & Light having just bought their seat (what the heck does WG&L need with a seat on the EDC, anyways?) indicates that we should all be able to buy our seats!

Yeah, then the EDC will be crowded as hell and won’t actually get anything done, but take a look around Albany. Does it really look like they’ve gotten anything done yet? No? So then, what’s the harm with the City loading up the EDC?

Frankly, with their fiscal track record, that would actually be one of their smarter investments. Then, they can put all their friends on one mailing list rather than scattered all over the place. Albany has always seemed to run on the “good old boy” system, and this would be a heck of a way to keep up that time honored tradition!

So what do you say City of Albany? Do you feel lucky?

tomknightonWritten by Tom Knighton. Read his blog at SWGA Politics.com. A lifelong political junkie, Tom started out his adult life as a journalism major at Darton College before leaving school to serve his nation as a U.S. Navy Corpsman. Through the years, he has watched government from outside and inside. A former Reagan supporter, then later a Democrat, Tom now finds himself quite comfortable as a card carrying Libertarian and all around smart-elec.

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