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Eric Johnson comes to Sasser

By   /   November 12, 2009  /   Comments

Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of seeing former State Senator and current GAGOV candidate Eric Johnson again this time at a fund-raiser at Spytown Farm in Sasser.

Attendance at the event was about the same size crowd as I am used to seeing – I counted 26 at one point, but a few more arrived after that and I’d be willing to allow that up to around 35 people were there. Obviously, with this being on a working farm – and in a working barn, no less (but a VERY nice one!), the crowd was mostly agriculture based. But for those that don’t know it, don’t let “agriculture based” give you any ideas of country bumpkin rednecks in overalls. These businessmen were dressed in pretty much the same attire I’ve seen at every event I’ve been to thus far – meaning mostly polos and slacks, with some in jeans and some in full-on suits.

I met Bill Yearta, the mayor of Sylvester, there – his daughter Mary Katherine works as Johnson’s campaign scheduler – and State Rep Ed Rynders and I were the only “regular attenders” there. I was the only “media” present, and one person whose presence I found very interesting was Mike Sabot, who I kicked off the SWGAPolitics site a few months ago. You see, I happen to know him as an avid Ray McBerry supporter, and I’ve yet to see him at any other GAGOV candidate’s events.

Obviously, with the agriculture crowd there, Johnson tailored his speech to discuss agriculture and water issues. The one bit that stands out the most to me was when he said that there are not two Georgias – there are 159, and we have to work together. He noted that Atlanta has valid concerns with their water supply, but so does South Georgia, and we cannot allow Atlanta to divert water for its use that South GA needs for our farms. He also briefly mentioned that there were several other candidates, throwing me a bone by mentioning that there was “even a Libertarian candidate or two”. (For the record, there is currently only one Libertarian running for the LP-Georgia nomination for governor – John Monds.) He said some other things relating to agriculture, but honestly I don’t remember the exact phrasing and I’d rather not misquote him here.

Overall, it was a great event. We’ll see in January how successful it was at its stated purpose as a campaign fundraiser, but I honestly had a good time. The hosts were extremely gracious, and the farm is absolutely stunning. I had a great time talking to Mayor Yearta in particular, and I look forward to seeing him out on the trail again.


Jeff Sexton.

Written by Jeff Sexton. Jeff Sexton co-owns the political blog SWGAPolitics.com and is a candidate for the Leesburg City Council.

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