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DWS Knights: Outside the box

By   /   November 25, 2009  /   Comments

Box? What box?

As the Deerfield-Windsor School Knights prepared for their semifinal championship game against the Pinecrest Paladins, Bobby Joiner (thank you) came in and delivered the pre-game devotion. And what a devotion it was. Bobby discussed and shared scripture relating to being able to play “outside the box.” One needs to be able to get out of his comfort zone and take on the challenges that meet him and see what the world has to offer. When you have Christ on your side as a believer, you can rest assured the battles will not be fought alone. Be confident in your steps. Bobby read scripture from the Book of John.

Bobby gave some neat descriptions of us living in a “box,” if you will, while developing for birth. Then, after being born, we are placed in a crib. After the crib comes the play pen. Then we had the backyard. Then we go to school and college. Now, during this process, were you the kid that looked through the bars of the crib wanting to know what else was out there? Which one of you were in the play pen, not content with the toys in it, but wanting to know what was out there? When you got to the back yard, were you one of those looking over the fence or hedge, wanting to know what else was there to offer out there? Did you want out of the box?

The unknown can be scary to some. But to others, it is an adventure every day. Being confident enough to step outside that comfort zone takes some courage. Most want to stay in the “safe zone.” Those that step out are the ones that can make a difference. Several DWS players stepped outside the box and had fun playing out there last night.

As the game began, DWS knocked the side off of their “box” on their first offensive play, as Zenon goes 70 yards for a TD on play No. 1. DWS’ “swarming little guy DEFENSE” did a great job with three plays and out and the offense took the field once again. The econd play of this possession saw Zenon knock another side off of the “box” and go for another TD of about 50 yards. Before you can even warm your seat or get comfortable, DWS is up 13-0. Defense played well again, but we give up a field goal. Offense takes the field with great confidence. On the second play of this possession, Reggie Brown knocks the top off the “box” and catches a 70-yard TD pass from Banks Kinslow. Another “box”-flattening score from Quinton Adkins and the game is out of hand. Tony adds yet another score. And then J Webb adds the finishing touches late in the game. What “box?”

Now who all played outside that box last night? As I sat perched in the “box” above the stadium on the headsets, I would have to say every player that took the field at Webb Memorial played outside of the ”box.” Every Friday night, more young guys begin to believe and they take that step to see, “what else is out there?” Be strong and confident and take that step. It sure is comforting and reassuring when you have our Creator on your side.

Next step is George Walton. No stranger to DWS. I think our “box” has been flattened and we will play above our normal ability next Friday night and REPEAT as State Champs!

Thanks coaching staff for having the Knights prepared to step “out of their box.” No better staff anywhere! Only one more week to go. Prepare. Persevere. Perform. Play. Have fun!

Go Knights! Defend! Repeat!

Let’s talk again after we win state!

By Bubba Ivey

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