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Chris Pike is already making sense

By   /   November 18, 2009  /   Comments

Reference Photo of Chris Pike.

We’ve had a wait-and-see (or, more bluntly, we’ll-believe-it-when-we-see-it) attitude about Ward 3 Albany City Commissioner-elect Christopher-elect. Pardon us if we don’t trust anything a politician says – even if he or she means every word of it during campaign time. I mean, we’ve been burned, what, 90 percent of the time – in this country and in this community.

He doesn’t get sworn into office until Jan. 11, but if Pike’s actions and decorum since being elected Nov. 3 are any indication, we’ll be on his bandwagon in no-time.

First, he handled City Commissioner Tommie Postell’s nasty attempt to avert the law and keep Pike from being mayor pro tempore sternly, but with dignity. Admirably, he called Postell’s actions what they were – ludicrous – without counter-attacking. Regrettably, Mayor Willie Adams depends on Postell’s thuggery too much to give our money to the mayor’s friends to call him out when he misbehaves.

Then, Pike responded to a story about highway officials declaring in a report that the interstate highway system is not going to be extended through Albany by asking tough questions.

“The report had errors,” Pike said. “I asked several questions about the report that they could not answer. Such as how would minorities and the poor be adversely affected? The report also stated that people would travel further to get to the new interstate. How is that possible?”

When the notion of pursuing the continuation of I-185 through Albany was broached several years ago, Adams declared that the fight wasn’t worth the effort because it would never happen. So Adams didn’t fight and indeed it didn’t happen.

We can only wonder what our community could be accomplishing with Pike’s vision versus Adams’ sightlessness and selfishness. Perhaps a brighter future begins Jan. 11.

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  1. Martha Baker says:

    Hey this Is For Chris Pike,You go man.You have more going for you than you know.You are the kind of person we need in office.And if the Mayor cant do his job,and be at meetings as he should,after all he is the Mayor,and should set an example.Then you Take over.I also Think you would be a great Mayor.So dont let any of those that are trying to put you down bother you.They are just jealous that people in Albany are backing someone up that wants the same things as we(the tax payers do)A Great place to live.And that is going to take change.I beleave you are the Man for that Job.Good Luck,and God Bless

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