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The Fair Response: Doing the KKK’s work

By   /   November 6, 2009  /   Comments

About a month ago, the black community lost a young man to a senseless act, and now we have lost another one to something else that does not make any sense. When will this end?

When will black men stop taking the lives of other black men? No, all the details have not been given out as to the cause of his death, but what we do know is that they are calling the incident a “brawl” in which Mr. “A.J.” was hit over the head and later died.

A.J. has six kids, but what was really the cause of their father losing his life? In many cases we will never know, but the root of the problem seems to be the epidemic of black men dying. Why do we need the KKK, when black men are doing a better job of killing one another, anyway?

I am not trying to make it seem that is was A.J.’s fault for being killed, because no man should die over nothing. But at the end of the day, it seems that A.J.’s death will be because of nothing.

America spends billions of dollars a year fighting the enemy without, why is it that we can’t spend a tenth of that fighting the enemy within?

article written by Jimmie Fair.

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  1. jazz says:

    well…honestly, i take issue with where he was in the first place. he was at a strip club. he wanted to take partial ownership in that club. i think that when you put yourself in a certain environment, be it black or white…you should expect certain results. that was an atmosphere of non-gentleman. i don’t mean to be insensitive but…everyone should really take stock in the company they keep and the places in which they hang.

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