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What-cha Say Albany?

By   /   October 30, 2009  /   Comments

HAS ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER Wes Smith lost his mind? “… Wheels of justice turning the way they are supposed to.” What makes LaJuana Woods so special – if anything, because she is a public official, she should be handled as everyone else.

IF A WOMAN WALKS out with a gun and a knife, she isn’t planning on a tea party, is she? The Albany police have a horrible city in which to work. Afghanistan would probably be safer. In the situations like this particular one, yes, please shoot to kill. Then the honest taxpaying citizens don’t have to feed and house another criminal.

THAT OFFICER WAS ONLY protecting himself. Those of you who have only bad things to say, you try responding to some of the calls police officers receive. Wouldn’t you protect yourself in the same situation? Of course you would. She was 48 and came out waving weapons. When are the people in Albany going to grow up?

AT LEAST TRHEE BRAC commissions have recommended closing Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany GA and moving the facilities to a coastal community NEAR where the vehicles and equipment is needed. Made great economic sense. But never happened. Why? Richard Brevard Russell. Sam Nunn. Newt Gingrich. Powerful politicians.

DON BUIE ALLEGEDLY STOLE thousands. The ADICA pumpers have wasted millions. Who should be on trial?

IT’S TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE across the board because this is a mess. Albany/Dougherty County won’t grow because there is corruption around every corner. I hate to be so negative but you can’t candy-coat this and keep sweeping things under the rug.

IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY started arresting these thieves. Thanks, Greg Edwards.

HAS ASSISTANT CITY MANAGER Wes Smith lost his mind? “… Wheels of justice turning the way they are supposed to.” What makes LaJuana Woods so special – if anything, because she is a public official, she should be handled as everyone else.

CAN’T LEAVE “IT’S NOT my fault” Alfred Lott, Albany’s city manager, off that list.

I AM ANGRY THAT that our city officials would hire someone from another state, and then that person stabs them in the back. Buie wasn’t thinking at all. He didn’t have sense to realize that God had given him a second chance and he blew it. Greed can destroy a person’s soul.

Now if his wife goes to prison, the baby would have lost both father and mother. I am praying that the wife is not as involved as it appears now or perhaps if she tells all, she can bypass prison time. As for the public official, she knew very well that her business was not downtown. But again, trying to get something for nothing.

MURDER-DEFENDANT LONDRONDA HAMILTON is a 14-year-old child, for goodness sake! I agree that some actions committed by minors should be treated as adult crimes, but something tells me that this is not one.

[amazon-deals height="280" tracking_id="flintricom-20" width="336"]1dc030f5-9e48-401b-b5ae-1526ddce751c[/amazon-deals]THE 14-YEAR-OLD girl charged with murder should have never been placed in an adult jail by no means. Juvenile would have been the appropriate place for her.

WHAT? SHE DELIBERATELY AND violent murdered a child, if the charges are correct.

I THINK SHE HAS reached the age of responsibility and she should know right and wrong. She should be charged for murdering that child.

WILL IT BE OKAY with everyone when my son scores to roll out his prayer rug in the end zone and bow on his hands and knees to my god? Oh, so you haven’t thought about more than one religion, have you? Maybe the rule is a good one to keep church from state, huh?

DO SOMETHING GLORIOUS! THEN the glory will truly be to God. They were playing a children’s game that has rules. If you don’t like the rules, don’t play the game, or better yet, go to church on Sunday and play football during the sermon and see if church has rules for you to follow.

WHAT DO YOU MEAN that we should only thank God if he sets a bush on fire? This kid believes that everything that happens is by the grace of God and rightly so. I thank God for letting me get up in the morning to have another day with my family; does that make me wrong? Should I only thank God if I wake up after almost dying?

I live in this town and am glad this happened. It has brought about a lot of change and my son who is 9 now has a positive role model. It may be only a game, but it has, as our local broadcaster called it “a revival” for this town.

POSITIVE ROLE MODELS ARE all around us but seldom will you find them playing games and never will you find them playing games for a living. You will find them day in day out quietly doing the things that truly count like digging ditches, serving food, constructing buildings and delivering mail.

Playing is for children! I suggest you and your child think about real role models and if you can’t find any then that is truly sad. You may be looking in the wrong place.

THAT’S THE PROBLEM. YOU are not comparing apples to apples. He made a simple gesture. Too many people place restrictions on when and where to praise God.

THEY DIDN’T MAKE THE call for him pointing up to the sky and thanking God; they made the call because he took a knee. Do any of y’all know the rules? High school and colleges cannot do what he did; only in the

pro can they do that.

WHY MAKE A BIG deal over something like this; the football players know the rules.

HOW CAN AN OFFICIAL call a penalty for a player thanking God? Who told him to penalize the young man? The coach? The principal? The school board? The janitor?

I SERVED MY COUNTRY for 20 years, my state for five years, and my county for six years. All my oaths ended in “So help me God”. Try and penalize me. We have lost our way and He is watching.

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