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What-Cha Say, Albany?

By   /   September 17, 2009  /   Comments

ARTHUR WILLIAMS is just as qualified as any commissioner presently serving and he’s good entertainment to boot!

JUST HEARD ON THE news that Obama is appointing a Manufacturing Czar. So, it appears Albany’s problems will soon be over!

GET HIS PHONE NUMBER and give it to the mayor so we can jump on the horse – or donkey, as case may b e– before others even get in line. Surely those living in, as we are frequently reminded, one of the poorest congressional districts in the nation will get preferential treatment.

ALBANY NEEDS TO TAKE the pitch one-on-one into the executive suites of America. They will never come around on their own. One high-powered pitchman/deal guy would do worlds more than the loose confederation of publicly funded agencies and authorities.

DR. GIL KLEMANN OPENED his craft distillery in Americus and not Albany. Why? That is just what Albany needs in bunches … small, clean manufacturing operations that will spawn other businesses in support such as distribution, etc. The days of landing the big plant are getting fewer and further between so the economic development people need to look at smaller operations, preferably homegrown.

BOTTOM LINE IS WE need more folks working and bringing home a check and less folks getting up every day with nothing to do. If we became the next “Silicon Valley,” we would attract new people to town but the vast majority of our current un/under employed would still be jobless. We need to attract industry that can utilize the local work force. We have a strong agricultural sector in southwest Georgia so maybe some related industry is a possibility.

A FEW SATURDAYS AGO, we celebrated our First Amendment Rights to free speech by dancing to the music of Gucci Mane. In November, we will celebrate our constitutional right to vote out the incumbent commissioner and lawyer who took an oath to support those constitutional rights and then tried to take those rights away from us.

TO ME, IT IS unconstitutional that City residents get to vote on the County and City consolidation twice. Our voices will not be heard we pay taxes and can not even vote for a mayor what kind of town is this? Our choice to move to Albany in 1999 was certainly not the right choice. Who does have the voice in Albany. And another thing, I don’t want the people in the City that don’t even have a job planning out our future in the County. Consolidation should be a vote for all of us to decide. Mr. Stone, you are right.

WE CAN ALL SPECULATE what happened when Assistant Fire Chief Rod Jolivette was pulled over (and subsequently charged with impersonating a police officer), but a thought did occur to me … The current sheriff states that Jolivette was stripped when he was let go; however, he might thought he was still a deputy when he was reinstated and demoted since he did not lose his job completely.

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