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The Albany Journal Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

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  • Tommy: what time is it?
    Terry: its time to twist and shout like we did last summer #
  • 13 hours after kickoff the party is over #
  • They are playing one more song. Really, for those of you that don't follow bo's band, it is "one more song" #
  • I am gettin sleepy and they have a LONG way to go #
  • Brando just pointed out brook to the crowd and said: he's so goof with his horn, he doesn't need a microphone #
  • Brook seems to be wondering: where are the girls? I have a feeling he is about to give me the sax to play #
  • No one has said to me yet: who are you and why are you here. Bit I know a lot of people are thinking it #
  • Guy just said to me I bathroom, "love that bud heavy." He was totally making fun of me. I said "thanks" #
  • Just realizing that these kids weren't born yet when I was in college here #
  • I forgot to report that buck the keyboardist made it from swainsboro #
  • No officer. I'm with the band. No, really. Instrument? #
  • Freshman frat boys aren't allowed to sit down #
  • Band setting up. Frat boys are nicer than 29 years ago when I was almost one #
  • We are hear. Parking at frat house — sigma nu #
  • Bo says that when tommy drives its like a rollercoaster rude without getting on a rollercoaster #
  • Bo drives just like me — all over the road #
  • Joe says he hasn't known where we are since we left cuthbert. We didn't go thru cuthbert #
  • One of the band members just got a message from blockbuster saying breakback mtn is 9 weeks overdue #
  • tommy left his walking stick in the taco bell bathroom #
  • We finally stopped. What a relief. #
  • These guys seem to genuinely like each other #
  • Surelu one of these old guys must have to go, too #
  • Little worried. I just woke bo up and he is driving #
  • Others On board: bo tommy terry joe brook brandon timmy lance #
  • We are on 280 towards bham. #
  • Someone just asked: why is ok for a city commissioner who owes taxes deny a liquor license from being issued because applicant owes taxe … #
  • The state ethics commission is following the journal on twitter!!! awesome #
  • Reallygottap #
  • they are talking about obama's birth certificate #
  • I've gotta go to the bathroom but don't want to inconvenience the other 8 #
  • Final — washington 16 usc 13 #
  • brook says he heard that harveys requires employees to bring obits to get funeral leave #
  • For those wondering … Bo is driving #
  • I think I am sitting to the legendary "Naked Beer Man" #
  • Bo just dared brook to moon car nwxt to us and kance dared bo to hold us gun out the window. Thankfully neither did #
  • Brook says he learned about the birds and bees when bush was president. Bo asked, "which bush." #
  • Bo and brook are playing truth or dare #
  • Timmy just said his first word of the trip. And it was just one word #
  • we are almost in alabama and joe just asked whether we are going to aubrn or tuscaloosa #
  • Does willie adams really have a huge silver belt buckle that says "mayor" that he wears when he hunts at plantations?! #
  • Lance says he has renamed titusville #
  • I can't tweet about what is being said right now #
  • Brook is asleep but he is still smiling #
  • Albany news: an albany physician is moving into the old boxers #
  • Albany news: Central baptist pastor rev. Goode is leaving albany for arkansas. Another huge loss for our comminity. Godspeed #
  • Albany news — Mr. Guillibeau is no longer at AB&T #
  • Joe says he could lose weight just watching marie osmond sell nutri-system #
  • Bo-ism — there's always a way to handle things that aint right. You can always fix it #
  • Verizon is back up #
  • Lance just let loose a 3-second burp brandon says it parted the hair on the back of his head #
  • Tommy says that even if he wanted to text message he couldn't because he can't ever find his glasses #
  • One of these guys says he brought two 3 packs of you know what and aspirin in case someone claims to have a headache #
  • The van smells better now than when we left 20 minutes ago #
  • Joe says he suspects the Wildcats used AC0RN to pay its bills #
  • Bo says a city official tells him that wrapped cars like moes' aren't allowed because some businesses can't afford them. #
  • Am sitting with libertarian gubernatorial candidate john monds at the moon waiting for brandon #
  • Lance's suitcase won't fit. We are draggin it behind the van. Lance is mad #
  • Something special happened on harvest moon's aor conditioner last nite #
  • Gig is in 7 hours, 6 hour drive, band is missing, and Bo is as laid back as ever #
  • Bo just picked me up. He can't find his band members 'cuz verizon is down #
  • Twittering from my phone for the first time in anticipation of hitting the road with The Bo Henry Band. Still don't know when we are lea … #
  • This is an invitation to follow us weekend. We're "Travelin' and Tweeting'" with The Bo Henry Band to a Tuscaloosa frat party. #
  • Jimmie Fair fans? Got 2 new articles ….. the Fair Response. http://bit.ly/NTPKS #
  • Funny Video REMIX, seen it yet? West interupts Mr. Obama instead of Taylor Swift. http://bit.ly/2WVmkw — cindy #
  • Tons of NEW stories online today….web edition is playing catch'up with the paper edition JUST CUZ, no excuse actually — Cindy, web dev. #
  • tommorrow night, Friday, Banks & Shane with Jim at Theatre A. http://bit.ly/2X5s8C #
  • I just realized our website used military time, no wonder stories posted strangely! http://thealbanyjournal.com — cindy, web developer #
  • Have YOU spoken up about how you feel about circus animals? take our poll, home page http://thealbanyjournal.com #
  • http://bit.ly/1mTbeb #
  • Good Morning, I'll be posting a ton of new articles today, as soon as I can get to them! stay tuned for news and pics… Cindy, web geek #
  • What's wrong with facebook today? anyone know? — cindy, web geek #
  • hey, Albany, The newest What-Cha Say is ready now. http://bit.ly/jXkWB ..Cindy #
  • We want YOUR videos! Got youtube, send us your link, if it's local, and if it fun, we just might post it on our homepage! – Cindy, webDev #
  • We want our videos! Got youtube, send us your link, if it's local, and if it fun, we just might post it on our homepage! – Cindy, webDev #
  • We have introduced a lot of new features to our website such as article archive, good life calendar, nighttrax, stay tuned for more – Cindy #
  • want to introduce myself, I am Cindy, The Albany Journal's web developer. I will be helping Kevin tweet for awhile. thanks ! #
  • Home Delivery is NOW only $25 per year. Straight from the press to your mailbox. http://bit.ly/P7uo6
    — cindy,adm #
  • The Journal has a brand spanking new website: http://thealbanyjournal.com/ – from Cindy, webmaster #
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