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Pastor Jenkins: The battle of the mind

By   /   September 9, 2009  /   Comments

The mind is the main battlefield. It gets bombarded with all kinds of questions, thoughts, problem solving, and other things. The mind hardly ever gets a break from being challenged to make things happen.

First, questions of the mind are very difficult to answer at times. The who, what, when, where, and even how; is what makes it difficult when making decisions.

Things can be trying or very detrimental once having to settle with the outcome based on the decision made. There are things that will always go unanswered and there are some things that cannot be changed. We must just accept them and move on and know that they are in the hands of God.

Secondly, thoughts can crucify a person’s outcome in life. Past failures and even success can be crippling. Because of failure, some people cannot move on and let it remain in the past or if they cannot let it rest, they keep trying but still can never get it right. They remain stuck in a rut.

Success goes to some people’s head and they forget where they come from. They become stout hearted and arrogant and even forget to go back and help someone else. But we must never forget where we come from, because we are going to always need someone in life, and it just might be the one who was looked over or mistreated.

Finally, problem solving can become an issue when the mind cannot decide what it wants the end result to be. Sometimes it is hard to make a final decision because we are making it on our own. We must, however, seek God for the initial answer. He is the answer to all problems. We must not lean to our own understanding, but in all our ways acknowledge Him and He will direct our path.

Do not allow your mind to cause you to look at things from how YOU are going to work it out. Let your mind remain on how GOD has already worked it out. A mind will be a terrible thing to waste without God’s will in the decision making.

williejenkinsJenkins is the founder of True Revelation Ministries, 323 S. Cotton St., Poulan.

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