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Rev. Willie Jenkins: Let the church be the church

By   /   August 11, 2009  /   Comments

Today in time the church is not focused on its ultimate mission. Notice the statement is “the church”.

Some churches today are divided because most of them are competing rather than working together the way God intended.

Some churches are fighting to be the elite or biggest church. Therefore, they are focused on money. Paying tithes is one of the main issues that most churches deal with. They are more concerned about raising money than saving souls.

It is understood that churches need tithes in order to fully operate, but this should not be their main purpose as a church. Some churches even place their members in ranks based on what they pay. How embarrassing!

God has no respect or persons, and we should not either. Let the church be the church!

Pastors and speakers abuse the pulpit by using the opportunity to scold people because they don’t or can’t afford to pay their tithes.

Isn’t it true in the Word that Christ said, “For ye have the poor always with you” (Matt. 26:11)? Whatever happened to being there for God’s people?

Some people have issues where they cannot pay their tithes. It should not be between the church and the individual if they pay or not, it should be between the individual and God. He is the one that’s going to do the blessing.

Yes, God requires every individual to pay their tithes, but it is not the pastors, deacons, nor any other administrators’ responsibility to “MAKE” anyone pay.

It is the pastor’s job to speak about this matter in a loving and caring way and not with harshness. So many people are leaving churches because of this issue.

Let the church be the church by caring for the souls and not trying to take over God’s way of doing business. Let the church get back to its main focus and stay there by seeking those which are lost and teaching them the Word once they join the kingdom.

Jenkins is the founder of True Revelation Ministries, 323 S. Cotton St., Poulan.

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