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Ted Anderson: Get Involved in Health Care Debate

By   /   August 22, 2009  /   Comments

I, like a lot of people, do NOT trust our government because, basically, I think that they lie to the uneducated and poor people of this country. Name me one thing that they have gotten involved with that they didn’t screw up or make permanent when they promised their plan was just a quick fix and be eliminated once it was no longer really needed.

The silence is deafening! Not one word is being mentioned, that I know of, about taking away the golden parachute health program that politicians have that no one else has. That, to me, is the first step that HAS to be taken before even talking about a health care plan that might work. When that plan is taken away from them, all of a sudden they will become a lot more interested in coming up with a good plan and we will start getting results. As long as they are being taken care of health wise, and a new proposed plan doesn’t affect them, they just don’t have the incentive do what is good for everyone.

Intelligent people should be very alarmed at some of the things this administration is saying and doing and we all need to get to these town hall meetings, or writing our representatives, and letting them know how WE feel about what they are doing. After all, WE are the government. They have just been appointed to do for us what WE want them to do. I think that it is just wonderful having these town hall meetings and giving us a chance to talk to a real person re our views and what we want them to do. Even though we are having all these problems as a nation, I feel strongly that when these big crises are over, we as a nation will be stronger than ever before.

I am going to be 73 in December and have seen a whale of a lot of changes and new things take place, both good and bad. One government program that I remember when I was a kid in a small town in northwestern Illinois was President Roosevelt having the farmers kill all their baby pigs to manipulate the market and the paying of farmers to not plant crops for the same reason. My father used to get so mad about this. He was a farmer but came to town, bought a Standard service (not gas) station and ran it for more than 40 years until he died. I don’t think much of people that would do things like that president. I guess I just don’t understand when so many people in the world need food.

I think the less that government has to do with running anything, the better off we all are. I know one thing for certain that I don’t want them coming around counseling with me about end of life plans and how that they can save money. Hey, how much longer do I realistically have? I hope a long time, but I think the average male life span is only 76. When the government is talking the way they are, I can see them, not the doctors, deciding that I am old, don’t have long to live, and not give me the expensive tests and medical treatment that I need to extend my life. If the government is running things, they are going to be pulling the strings, you know that. They are saying things that indicate that is one big area that their new health plan could save a lot of money. Scares me. Should you, too, because some day you too will be my age or older. I don’t want anyone influencing how long I am going to live! How can you trust these people when they say stuff like this, and then of course deny it?

And, they are saying that the people who are happy with their doctors and the health care that they are currently receiving don’t have to change anything. Come on, the plan has to be the same for everyone to be fair, and that includes YOU, Mr. Congressman, especially YOU!

The current health care system must be changed. That’s a given. There is no doubt about that, but it is important that it needs to be done correctly so that no one has to worry about getting proper medical treatment when they need it. To do it right, it will cost a lot of money and someone has to pay for it. Do something about these things. We can no longer sit back and leave it up to other people, like we have been doing for ages. We have to get involved in our government. Ask for town hall Meetings and be there when they are set up to let your representatives know what you think and want. Keep the faith. All is not lost. We can still get our wonderful country back on track again but it is going to take some work by all of us and we need to be thinking outside the box to solve many of our social and other problems.

AndersonnewWritten by Ted Anderson. Insurance agent Ted W. Anderson worked in sales for half a century, has lived in Albany since 1993. He is president of Dover Lane Neighborhood Watch. Send email to him at aj@thealbanyjournal.com.

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