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WhatCha Say, Albany? ADICA, ADICA, ADICA, and some more ADICA too!

By   /   August 27, 2009  /   Comments

I THINK THERE SHOULD be a new Albany-Dougherty Inner City Board. How was Don Buie man able to tale so much of this money, give it away, keep some give to a wife and girlfriend and whoever else — and the board not know? Why did we need an ADICA board? What makes it so bad there was an attorney on the board and there were still no bylaws. True enough, he brought an issue to light, but there are ways that the issue of how the funds were being spent could have been brought up before the board. Just like they discussed other issues and voted, they could have voted to see the books. There is no excuse!

MANY OF THESE “BOARDS” — including ADICA — are comprised of social and very local gadflies who don’t bear the scars and don’t have the experience of creating start-ups and managing them successfully through difficult times. Phil Cannon may practice law and is probably a very nice, honest fellow, but he is hardly any more qualified to sit on any “advisory board” than Buie was to be a “CEO.” The fault of missing by-laws isn’t Cannon’s just by virtue of his law degree — bylaws are the responsibility of a board chairman and to a lesser extent the treasurer.

IF MAYOR ADAMS ASKED the ADICA board to resign, they would. If the City Commission asked the ADICA board to resign, they most certainly would. In the end, it ALL comes back to Mayor Willie Adams and his six chums.

ALBANY LEADERS ARE TRYING to lead this city, but they are in the blind. No city will survive very long with people like Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder trying to show people the right road.

WE’RE TOO SMALL TO have a Village Idiot, so the commissioners take turns.

OMG! ONLY IN ALBANY would a convicted felon be hired to lead the city redevelopment agency. Al Lott was asleep at the wheel again. Lott and Mayor Adams would love for all this to go away, because it’s proof yet again they don’t know what they are doing or how to run a city.

WORD OF ADVICE, MAYOR. When you want something to disappear, you tell everything, not hide things and tell the citizens to “move on”. We are getting tired of that and you will soon know, if you do not come clean!! It is called an ELECTION!

WELL, FINALLY WE HEAR our esteemed mayor! He just wants to pooh-pooh this all away, doesn’t he? Where is the outrage?! This whole thing stinks sooo bad and his response makes him look just as complicit as the rest of them.

THE ONLY THING CASTING a bad light on the city is most of the commission and the mayor trying to ignore a major infraction! That money doesn’t grow on trees, Mr. Adams.

FIRST OF ALL, THE money in question has not been misspent. It was invested in setting up an infrastructure of trust through which investments in downtown Albany can be made.

The expenditures made by Mr. Buie will prove to have been totally justified.

THE WAX IN THE EARS hearing and the blindfolded vision that you are so proud of makes your argument so weak.

BUIE WAS A CRIMINAL in Maryland. Buie was a criminal in Albany. A thief is a thief. Stop being a fool with your pitiful comments about this CRIMINAL. It’s time for new leadership in Albany. New mayor and new commissioners. They may need to change that only going back seven years for the hiring process as well. Albany can’t grow due to the current leadership now will it with these people at the helm.

IT WASN’T JUST DON Buie that was nice to me. Bob Langstaff gave me a doughnut at a campaign event. Roger Marietta is a good man, too.

EVERY DAY, I SIT on it on the curb in front of the downtown post office and dream of Albany’s future. I sprawl out in the sun and hear the voice of Don Buie booming in my ears. I proudly wear the ADICA T-shirt from Mardi Gras and am preparing to campaign for Bob Langstaff’s re-election and Don Buie’s defense. I remember when I first saw Mr. Buie as I was walking from the bus station to Jimmy’s Hot Dogs. He said hello and I put my clenched fist over my heart as a symbol of solidarity and focus on Albany’s rebirth. We will succeed. Let me also add that the purity and essence of ADICA and its people will, itself, be a sustainable and magnetic force that will draw jobs and industry to the area. This force, coupled with leadership from Mr. Buie, will make Albany truly deserving of the title “Good Life City”.

THERE IS NO HOPE for revitalizing any part of Albany, much less the “inner city.” If Albany stays the way it is, people will leave and there will be no one to pay for it. The crime is out of control in Albany. We even have high executives committing a crime.

DON BUIE WILL BE vindicated. Bob Langstaff will be re-elected. ADICA will continue.

MONKEY-BUSINESS AT CITY HALL is just going to get worse until decent people stand up for themselves and what they believe. We as a society have let so many little things start slipping until they pile up and BAM, we got corrupt government at the top and thugs on bottom with law-abiding citizens in middle wandering “what went wrong?”. I certainly hope we all remember this next election!

DOES THE ADICA MESS honestly shock anyone? Can ANYONE in the Albany city government do their jobs? Then again the stupidity of the people who voted for them seems to be growing as well, so who is to blame here? Just wipe the slate clean and start over fresh. Get rid of the trash running the city and WASTING tax money!

IF WALB FOUND OUT about Buie’s criminal record, shouldn’t the City of Albany have found this out before they hired him? This is a big problem. They don’t properly check out these people they hire. No wonder Valdosta has passed Albany as being the top shopping spot in south Georgia. Valdosta has great leadership and Albany has none. Albany is now known for its out-of-control gangs and crime and mark my words, Lee County will end up the same way! Get out while you can!

THANK GOODNESS WE HAVE a news agency that cares to get the right facts and that cares about this decaying city will be glad when we can make “change” for Albany the next time all these so called leaders of this city is up for re election we are gonna get all the thugs out of office.

GREAT JOB, “IT’S NOT my fault” Lott. Hats off to the man of the hour for a job well done.

THE REVELATION THAT DON Buie I a convicted felon does not surprise me, as this city along with its inadequate government does not do complete background checks. This town is steadily declining, and it’s just a matter of time that the last manufacturing enterprise leaves.

ASSISTANT TO LOTT TAYLOR’S statements notwithstanding, these tenants had every reason to believe that Buie was an AUTHORIZED AGENT for both ADICA and for the City of Albany (Thanks to Al Lott). and in fact he WAS the authorized agent. Since they contracted in good faith, the city MUST under principle/agency law honor whatever agreements Buie made on their behalf. It’s the LAW. I wish Mr. Washington and the Alltel representatives would stop by our firm or any other firm. They should take the city to court to force them to honor the commitments and they WILL prevail.

IT TAKES MORE THAN an email to constitute a binding contract. Funny your use of the City of Albany using principle as a guide for anything. Haha!

DOWNTOWN REDEVELOPMENT IS GOING to happen regardless of what anyone says. The commission has made that clear. What people are asking for and have a right to is that ADICA be rid of the crooks who have already been caught with a hand in the kitty and for its daily business be done transparently and legally.

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